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Are you tired of spending valuable money on a wet piece of cloth? That you will be through in no time to remove your makeup? (After all, money doesn't grow on trees...) Whether you accidentally ran out of makeup remover or are looking to switch to something more natural and gentle on your skin, you are in the right place! 
Makeup removers are essential, if not just as important as the actual makeup. Wearing makeup is a daily ritual for many women, taking it off at the end of the day can seem like a chore. You can now make a homemade makeup remover recipe that is gentle on your skin, as well as easy on the bank account, but is still effective at removing all of your makeup, completely. 

The down side to store-bought removers is that they contain certain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions, irritations, breakouts and even dry out your skin. As well, that constant rubbing and pulling on your skin is unhealthy and can cause premature aging (no one wants that of course, we are trying to keep our skin as young looking for as long as possible). 

However, without a makeup remover all of our towels would have face prints stained into them, we would wake up with raccoon eyes, clogged pores and it would even cause premature signs of aging! As our skin needs a breather from makeup. All in all... we need an effective remover that will do the trick without giving more results then removing our makeup. 

Let's swap out the chemical remover for natural items, and make this apart of our beauty regimen for clean, soft skin that let's you rest peacefully on your pillow at night. 

So are you ready to whip up these removers, that not only get the job done, but are great for your skin at the same time? Let's go! 

I am going to give you three makeup removers that I have not only researched and found to work but have used myself and fell in love with. 

For this makeup remover, the natural items we will be using is milk or plain yogurt, a diary product. This is all you need to gently cleanse the makeup from your face. Grab a cotton ball or a cotton pad. Dip the cotton ball or pad in and apply to your whole face. Gently rub it in your skin and layer it on. Give it a minute to let your skin soak it up. Wash it off with warm water in order to eliminate all makeup residues from your face and down the drain. It will keep your skin smooth and soft in addition to helping you take off your makeup at the end of the day. You can use this one on your whole face. 

 This one may seem a little funny, but give it a try. Mash up a single banana with a tablespoon of milk. (if you do not want as much, you can cut the amounts in half and it will do the job.) Mix it together in a bowl with a spoon. When it has an even consistently, place it all over your face (when you are applying, rub into your skin as well as layer it on evenly all over your face). Leave it on your skin for 10 minutes, then wash it off. Your face will feel soft and smooth and of course makeup-less. 

This next one is using common oil that you already have in your home. The reason oils are so good at removing is because they break down the make-up. Making it easy to wash off! Also, it is gentle and hydrating. It can even break down stubborn waterproof makeup. You can use this one on your whole face as well as your eyes. Extra-virgin olive oil, specifically, is a perfect eye makeup remover, as this can be the hardest to remove. What more can I say then its effective! 

You can use just plain extra-virgin olive oil or you can mix an equal amount of canola oil, and olive oil. A powerful makeup remover is created when these ingredients are mixed together, one that's still all-natural. You don't need much to get the job done with oils, so be careful not to get too much on the cotton ball. Dab your cotton ball or cotton pad into the oil and simply wipe your eye lid and eyelashes or face to remove. Leave it on for 2-3 minuets to allow it to break down the makeup (it will also condition your eyelashes). Rinse with cool water. You can store this in a container so you can use it whenever needed.

I hope these makeup removers help you out in not only removing your makeup but in using more natural items then chemical products. I am always open for any questions or request!  

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