Home Made Beauty Tips for Kissable lips

Beauty is not successful without smile on your face. Everyone should be add smile as a beauty part. For broad smile you need to have soft,flexible and pink lips which is the most attractive part on your face. That’s why you have to care of your lips by using some home made natural beauty recipes.
How to make your lips pink?
To prepare a mixture of equal quantity of tomato paste,heavy cream and add pink lip color. Apply it on your lips every day. You can see changes your lips color after some days. You could also use the red rose petal with glycerin for red lips and apply it on your lips and leave it for some minutes and wash it cold water.
How to make your lips flexible?   

 Make a scrub by adding equal parts of olive oil,sugar, apply it on lips in a circular motion then rub it. You can remove dead skin by gently brush with tooth brush on everyday. You would be get flexible and smooth and kissable lips. 

How to prepare home made lip balm?

Take one teaspoon bee wax, and melt it by using micro oven, then add one tsp of apricot or calendula oil. And stirring it properly . Leave it for Cooling in room temperature. Add few drops of essential oil. Finally keep this mixture in a tightly glass jar or lip balm cylinder. You can use as lip balm everyday. There is no side effect.
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