6 Good Habits Before Bedtime Bring Wrinkle Loss

There are lots of simple ways help you to reduce wrinkles on your face. They just take you a short time to do before going to bed.

1. Glass of milk and honey

People have used warm milk and honey for centuries to help them sleep. How this drink encourages sleep is not fully understood, and there is little scientific evidence to support milk and honey's use as a sleep aid. Regardless, those who find that warm milk and honey helps them sleep may be reacting to the comfort of a drink they enjoyed as a child, the relaxation of sitting quietly before heading to bed, or the amino acid L-tryotophan, which encourages sleep and is present in milk. Unless you suffer from gastrointestinal problems from drinking milk, there is no harm in trying this beverage if you're having trouble falling asleep.

2. Hair massage
Hair massage is good for quickly combating stress. A good hair massage helps to increase blood circulation to scalp skin and aid hair growth. Hair massage also reduces stress, tension headaches and induces good

3. Soak and massage your feet
Soak feet in warm water about 10-15 minutes. Gently rub the bottoms of the feet just as you get into bed. It will assist in the calming of your nervous system, and sooth your journey to peaceful sleep. Plus, it reduces anxiety! This produces a calming sensation that relaxes both the mind and both, and helps people fall asleep faster. If you often do foot massages at night (the feet tend to be the coldest area of the body in bed, so warming them up will also help you fall asleep), your nervous system will begin to associate the smell with sleep.

4. Go for a walk about 10-20 minutes
Walking slowly about 10-20 minutes before going to bed brings a better blood flow, this not only makes you fall asleep fast, but also gives you a skin rejuvenation. So, instead of reading newpapers, watching TV or even working, take a walk before going to bed. Do not be nervous before going to bed mental, avoid strenuous exercise or physical labor. Instead, it should be a walk in the outdoors to minimize the subjective stimulation.

5. Ventilation window
To keep the air fresh in the bedroom, you should open the door for a while before going to bed even when it'swindy or cold weather. The air exchange and circulation help you sleep better. Remember not to open the window while you are sleeping.

6. Teeth brushing
Brushing your teeth is even more important than you do in the morning. Brushing the teeth in the night before going to bed is an ideal time. Like, whatever we ate in our dinner, it washes out and teeth are cleaned. Even there will be no mass between gums. It smells and feels good. In addition, this brings you a comfort when sleeping.
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