Effortless way to apply Mehndi

Tips For Mehndi

We love Mehndi when it stuck so darker to our skin beauty.
After applying it one should want to make it dry for minimum six to seven hours, for long keep for dryness result high in darkness.
The mehndi is look fruitful after a day. It takes some time to darken its color to our skin but any way after it will slowly become lighter.
You can able to choose the color of Mehndi that you like to pertain.
The choice of colors goes to green, dark brown and khaki. But generally it will turn around into the brownish when you past it on your skin.
Natural Mehndi powder will generate the dark brown color in your hand for long but it is not is the case for the Stale mehndi.
After the applied Mehndi is dried then you must want to syrup (mixed of Lemon juice and sugar) into the skin. This helps to keep the Mehndi for the long result.
At present most of the henna includes some harmful chemicals that affect your skin. So first make a trial of this type of Henna to your skin.
Brides ought to have shining done before mehndi is applied on them else the mehndi will be waxed off with their hair.
You can also decorate your mehndi with sparkling glitter, which are frequently available at the shops.
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