Messy Bun

 Messy Bun in Fashion

Buns are always in fashion, weather it's summer or winter time. Buns are common in all age of females. Usually, girls make buns to look more trendy and cool. There are many kind of Hair Buns. But, the most common of all is Messy Bun. Which is easy to make and looks very cool.

How To Make A Messy Bun

Find below step by step guide of how to make a Messy Bun:

1- Start with the clean hair. Apply a mousse or hair gel. Remember not to use too much and start at the ends.

2- Take a wide comb and comb all your hair backwards. Smoothen your hair with your hands and apply a hair spray on the crown. Again, brush your hair and smoothen it.

3- Bend down so that all your hair is flipped forward. Get all your hair in hands and make a high ponytail.

4- For a low bun secure the ponytail at the nape of your neck. For a higher bun secure the ponytail higher on the back of your head.

5- Smooth out any bumps by running your fingers in hair.

6- Use an elastic that matches your hair color.

7- In the last flip, don't let all your hair go down ponytail. Instead, leave it there and make a high bun.

8- Secure the sides of the bun with hair pins, tucking them into the back of the bun to pull it closer to your head.

9- Pull out some small strands of hair from around the bun with your fingers.

10- Lastly, spray the bun lightly with hairspray to make it stay in shape for long time.
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