Beauty Tips For Reduce Pimple

Beauty Tips:

First wash your face daily atleast four or five times. and Avoid touching your face with your fingers.
Eat a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables with a lot of water.
Apply fresh puthina juice in your face its just look like a fresh and it clean your pimples.
Take green gram and some neem leaf make it paste. Now add half spoon of turmeric powder. Now mix it and make it a paste and apply on your face.. After dry wash the face by cool water.. Apply this pack weekly once.. pimples will disappear..
Take one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon mix well and keep in the fridge for a night use it the next day and wash after 15 minutes. Removes pimples really fast.
Take some fresh fenugreek leaves and make a paste to apply on the pimples overnight.
Exercise regularly to reduce your stress level which will indirectly help to improve your skin condition..
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