Natural Beauty Tips For Avoiding Upper Lips Hair

Most of the girls are facing upper lip hair problem because of it face becomes ugly and upper lips portion shows black.. You can remove it by treading for temperately but this process is the very painful. How to relief from this hairy problem permanently ? I would give some home made tips. It will take long time but you would get fruitful result.

  • You can remove upper lips hair by using hair removal cream. Apply little bit cream on the upper lip area and wipe it away with wet cotton,it prevents burning problem.
  • Hide the hair problem by applying paste of turmeric.
  • Applying a paste of honey and turmeric powder at night before sleep , it will stop the hair growth on that area.
  • Take beetroot/carrot juice with fresh milk cream and massage it on the upper lips area,wash it after sometime. It will keep pink  and fresh always.
Upper lip threading is getting pain whenever you are threading by untrained beauticians. That paining might be harm for skin. Try to avoid chemical hair bleaching. Always try using natural product for skin treatments.
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  2. Nice post. Upper lip hair can be annoying. But, instead of going to a parlor every time, it can be easily remove at with homemade hair removal remedies for upper lip.

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  4. Get Rid Of Upper Lips Hair

    For each woman the first step towards your girlfriend beauty is to Get Rid of Upper Lips Hair seen hair her abs, legs, face and neck. There are many means through which you can get rid of these kind of hairs like hair trimmers, threading, waxing, laser treatments to get hair reductions etc . Even so some of these are expensive and some incorporate side effects.