Secrets Home Remedies Tips For Dry Skin

Three types of skin occurs in people. These are dry skin,oily skin and normal skin. Dry skin faces so many skin problem , and its not looking good. That’s why this type of skin requires special treatments to make moisture skin. You can avoid it by using any quality moisturizing cream that is available in cosmetic store.
But it is very cost effective and you can get long lasting result.
If you try kitchen recipes for good bye dry skin problem then you would get good result. And also you can get the ingredients easily in your daily market and its cheaper than market product.

Some Natural tips for dry skin:

  • Take 1 tablespoon of egg yolk, 1-2 tablespoons milk powder and 1 tablespoon honey. Mix together and make a paste after that apply it face,neck and other dry area in you body. Keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it by using cold water. You would get moisture skin.
  • Apple is a good fruit for healthy Diet. you take it empty stomach in the morning you will get glow skin. You can use as a face pack. Grate 1-2 apple finely and massage it in dry skin area,leave it for 20 minute and risen off it by using cold water. Cucumber is also useful for dryness. You can use it in face, neck as a dryness pack.
  • Honey is a boon for natural skin care. Take half tablespoon of honey and mix it with 1-2 tablespoon of rose water. Apply on face, neck, and other dry skin area. This will clean the skin, tones it, and makes it glowing.
  • Get soft and glowing skin by massaging almond oil. And remove your dry skin and rough skin.
  • Lemon gives vitamin E to the skin. Take one spoon lemon juice mix with one tea spoon avocado oil and massage it face,neck and dry skin and leave for 10-20 minutes and wash it cold water. It will remove dry skin.
  • If you massage your skin with aloe Vera herb, no doubt you will get nourishing and refreshing skin.
  • Prepare a paste by taking 8 to 10 mint leaf,fuller earth powder and water. Freeze it over night. Next morning take out and keep in normal temperature for 10-15 minutes. Apply that paste on face,neck,hand and legs. After 15 minutes wash it.
  • Apply Mash ripe banana as a face pack on face,neck and dry skin and wash it warm water after sometimes.
  • Make a mixture of egg yolk,olive oil,some drop of rose water,lemon juice and orange juice. Apply this mixture to your face and leave it for couple of time and risen off with cold water.

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